Who is behind Beyond Potential?

Sue Sheppard

beyond-potentialSue Sheppard was born in Adelaide, South Australia and grew up playing sport. The daughter of an Aussie Rules Boundary Umpire, Sue was destined to run at some stage, albeit not until her mid twenties. From an early age, Sue’s parents instilled in her the benefits of being active, whether through team or individual sports, and as a result Sue experiences the amazing benefits of being fit and healthy on a daily basis. In 1991, whilst working as a computer programmer at a bank, Sue was unexpectedly retrenched. Although devastated at the time, this single event proved to be a catalyst for the amazing transformation that resulted in Sue “finding” running at age 24, and going on to boundary umpire Aussie Rules Football and achieve over 20 wins as a professional athlete, including the prestigious Stawell Gift 400m.

In June 2000, a second catalyst to change occurred for Sue when she developed Bells Palsy. With time on her hands during her recovery, Sue developed a thirst for knowledge in the “other” non-physical aspects of sport and performance. Following her recovery, Sue adopted many of these non-physical aspects of performance into her training regime, which resulted in career personal bests over 100, 200 and 400m and numerous State Amateur titles, in her mid 30s.

Coaching and mentoring other athletes seemed a natural progression for Sue and, in 2008, feeling restless in her IT role, she enrolled in a fitness course, with a plan to follow her passion of helping others benefit from a more active, healthier lifestyle.

Sue is a Certificate IV certified Master Personal Trainer, Life Coach and Level II Sprints coach. Since completing her basic qualifications, Sue has enhanced her skills by completing studies in Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, a study of the relationship between food and lifestyle habits created by renowned holistic health practitioner Paul Chek. Using online and practical tools to recognise and create individualised eating plans to improve a client’s health and overall wellness, Sue also understands the important roles that sleep, food quality, stress reduction techniques, and exercise play in improving the health of clients and teaches practical methods that initiate valuable lifestyle changes.

Today, Sue runs Beyond Potential, an Holistic Lifestyle Coaching and Personal Training business which aims to help people improve their lifestyle, health and performance by moving beyond what they perceive to be their current limitations.