Performance Coaching

Do you wake up each morning, jump out of bed full of energy, feeling like your life is exactly the way you want it to be?

If not, then Performance Coaching can help you move closer towards your goals.

What is Performance Coaching?performance

Einstein said “You can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it”. He also said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”.

So if you have a problem you’re struggling to resolve or your life is not where you want it to be, if you feel like you’re stuck or spinning your wheels and you don’t know what to do next then you need to develop a better way of thinking.

Just like athletes who have a coach to provide an impartial, external perspective to their training and performance, a Performance Coach can help you to see the things you are missing in pursuit of your goals.

They can guide you to develop better strategies, better ways of thinking and hold you accountable to taking the actions you need to get you where you want to be.

A Coach has no agenda except YOUR agenda. They’re trained to listen to what YOU want, to let you feel heard and understood and to support, guide and help you find your motivation to become who you need to be….. to do what you need to do….. to have what you want to have.

How Can Coaching Help Me?

If you feel that there must be more to life than you’re currently experiencing then Coaching is a great way to help you find out what is missing in your life and create momentum and motivation to do what you need to do to achieve your new-found goals.

Coaching can help you reach your full potential and develop strategies to create what you desire in your life whether it’s Better Health, Better Relationships, More Confidence, Improved Finances or Improved Performance in your Sport, your Work or your Life!

Coaching can help you create a plan to have more of what you want NOW instead of one day….someday….maybe….. in the future..


Sue took me through a break through and it was one of the most profound experiences I’ve had. The process and her calm gentle yet firm control helped me stay focussed and able to open up and experience things I have hidden away for years. They were brought to the front of my mind without fear, reassessing them gathering the positive learnings and discarding and disappearing those that have held me back and slowed me down for most of my life! I now feel invigorated and inspired to enjoy a life filled with all the tools, skills and belief in myself that I really can have all I have ever dreamed of!!! Thank you Sue.

Marie-Jean Hamilton


Sue, you have amazing insight and skills of directing me towards solutions. When I came to you, my body was holding onto water and other negative stuff, but like a magician you broke the patterns and helped me move forward. My water retention problem has disappeared for good…thank-you. Speaking to you gave me the clarity to put things in perspective and move forward. You helped me see what was important to me and helped me make the right choices. Thank-you I am forever grateful. Bless you.

Rahat Sultana
Rostrevor, SA.