Core Strength & Conditioning

It is our belief that as a tree is only as strong as its trunk, so a person is only as strong as their core. Whether you’re an elite athlete, weekend warrior, casual exerciser or relatively inactive, the strength of your core has a major impact on how you perform on a daily basis whether on the sporting field, in the office, performing a physical job or at home.

Whether you’re standing, bending, twisting, turning, lunging or pulling, you are using your core muscles to stabilize your body and so we build core strength and conditioning into most of our programs and classes to improve stability and functional movement.

Prior to commencing our Personal Training and Running Technique programs, we take our clients through a detailed assessment procedure to determine the functional capability of their core and then tailor a program to suit their individual development needs.

We also include a component of core work in our group classes as we believe a strong and stable core is paramount to an active and healthy lifestyle.


I am an athlete of many years experience and am always looking for new and innovative ways of improving my physical and mental condition. My aim in working with Sue was to work on and improve my “core strength”, an area so vital in my chosen sport and something I believe I have not paid enough attention to in the past.

Sue initially established what I wanted to achieve and was able to work with me specifically addressing these outcomes I was seeking. I found Sue’s caring but challenging nature was instrumental in the improvements I have made with my “core strength” and I have found that I am more aware of my body and what I need to switch on or activate when exercising. There is no doubt I have benefited with the work I have done with Sue and look forward to next season where I believe I will see many new gains because of this.

Aaron Harrison, Sprinter.