Group Training

Our Group Training programs are designed for people looking for fun and friendly outdoor group activities. If you enjoy the outdoors, are better motivated to exercise when there is someone else there sharing the highs and lows and looking for variety in your physical activity in a fun, relaxed environment then our Group Program may be just what you’re looking for.

Beginners Running Group

Are you tired of watching thousands of run but you just can’t seem to get started or stick at it?

Have you ever tried running before but don’t have the motivation to keep going?

Think running would be a great way to get fit & be healthy but you’ve never run before?

Been out for a run and spent the next week recovering because you did too much too soon?

Or you get sore back, sore neck, shoulders or shins?

Tried those online running programs or apps but can’t keep up with the rate of progression?

Let’s face it, most people are never taught to run
First we crawl, Then we walk, and then we run

Unless you’re a seasoned athlete with specific training, your running technique is probably inefficient, tiring and ineffectiveand results in injury, soreness and pain

Our Beginner Running Group caters for absolute beginners. During our sessions we take you through technique drills, strengthening and teaching your muscles how to move correctly for a more efficient running style and then put it all together in a series of long and short runs so that we can observe and correct your technique as you practice what you have learned.

For our session timetable, refer to our Schedule of Classes.

So…. to join our Beginners Running Group, simply click the Contact Us button right now, complete your details and mention the No More Butts Fitness Beginners Running Group and we will give you a call to get your started.