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No More Butts Fitness Program

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Our No More Butts Online Fitness Program is a revolution in the fitness industry.

Using the unique features of the ptEnhance Online System we are now able to work with you as a client in ways that have not been available until now.

Working with our trainers and our ptEnhance systems will get you great results.

As a ptEnhance member :

  • Receive messages from your Trainer, ask your Trainer questions and send them replies
  • Exercise Programs that your Trainer writes for you will be available for you to view complete with:
    • video clips and descriptions to view online
    • printable summaries that you can take into the gym or wherever you do your workout
    • a place where you can record your workouts and view reports of your progress.

So What is the No More Butts Fitness Program?

Imagine having your very own Personal Trainer creating a customized program just for you

  • with short videos and explanations showing you how to do each exercise along with the number of sets and reps for each exercise and the rest time between
  • with short weekly videos from Sue helping you create a healthy lifestyle in support of your health and fitness goals
  • with a tailored stretching program to correct postural or muscle imbalances
  • with email access to your Trainer
  • with regular Lifestyle Assessments
  • with online Diet, Exercise & Sleep Diary and feedback from your Trainer
  • with a copy of Sue’s Book The Complete Health Series
  • all without having to buy a gym membership, or leave the comfort of your own home

Your investment in the No More Butts Fitness Program is just $47 per week for a 12 week program.

Yes, it’s a tiny investment in comparison to the mammoth benefits you’ll get.

So at some point everyone who’s viewed this page has been faced with the same decision you face now. And that is – To take action – or not.
And guess what? Success goes to the action takers!

So…. to join the growing family who now have their very own Personal Trainer…. Online, simply click the Contact Us button right now, complete your details and mention the No More Butts Fitness Program and one of our Trainers will give you a call to get your started on your program.