Post Rehabilitation

If you’ve ever had an injury or experienced pain that required referral to a health professional, you may also have found that once you receive clearance to exercise or train again, you’re basically on your own.

We know that there is often a transition period between being cleared to play or exercise and your body being at full functionality. During the injury/recovery/rehabilitation period, you may have lost fitness and strength not only in the injured area but in other areas of your body and you may be tentative about pushing your body to the extent that you did prior to your injury.

Working with your chosen health professionals, we will devise a program that will support and guide you through the post-rehabilitation phase back to full functional movement and training.

Our Post-Rehabilitation programs start with a detailed assessment to identify any postural or muscular imbalances that may have contributed to the initial injury or that may have developed during the recovery process as your body adapted it’s movement patterns to reduce pain. This assessment allows us to develop a specific program targetted at developing and strengthening these vulnerable areas and as well as conditioning the injured area back to full strength and functionality.


I have had two knee operations which compromised my fitness and increased my weight. After my first knee operation I retrieved some mobility back, but some time later I was forced to operate on my other knee. This time I was determined things would be different. I commenced personal training sessions with Sue. We worked out a plan and set goals such as rehabilitating the recently operated knee and strengthening the other knee which had not been properly rehabilitated after surgery. The results have been remarkable. The knee pain I encountered has diminished to non-existant. I have now returned to running almost daily, which I never thought would be possible again. I have lost weight and re-shaped my body. Sue has educated me with every session and helped me to achieve goals I had identified and even some I did not expect to accomplish. A worthwhile investment for your health and fitness.

Anna D’Alessandro