Running Technique

Most people are never taught how to run.

First we crawl, then we walk and then we run. Simple!

The problem is that most people don’t know that there is a big difference between walking and running.

As a former runner I’m always looking at people’s running technique and quite frankly, many people are making hard work of it!

I see arms and legs flailing about or hardly moving at all. I hear the sound of feet thumping on the pavement rather than the rhythmical impact of good foot placement. I see runners chasing their chests or chins down the road like an owner being pulled along by an impatient dog. No wonder these runners experience back, torso, neck and shoulder pain from their run. No-one shows us how to run correctly, how to develop an economical stride that reduces injury and soreness and improves speed, endurance and performance.

So who would benefit from improving their running technique?

  • People who would like to learn to run with a comfortable, economical and efficient technique;
  • People who would like to run but just get too sore and tired;
  • People who experience recurring injuries or muscular soreness when they run;
  • People who know they could run further but the rest of their body can’t seem to keep up;
  • People who would like to run with a group but feel that their running style is all over the place;
  • People who are new to running and want to develop good running technique from the start;

Anyone who plays sport with a running component and would like to improve their speed and performance

If this sounds like you, some simple technique corrections can reduce the incidence of pain and increase your speed, performance, the health benefits and enjoyment of your running.

Our Individual and Group Running Technique programs cater for all abilities from the absolute beginner to the experienced runner or athlete. During our sessions we take you through technique drills, strengthening and teaching your muscles how to move correctly for a more efficient running style and then put it all together in a series of long and short runs so that we can observe and correct your technique as you practice what you have learned.

Whether you are a sportsperson, a regular fun-run participant, weekend jogger, just getting started or somewhere in between, we can tailor a program to suit your individual or group needs.

Never run before? No problem. Join our Beginners Running Group. Refer to our Schedule of Classes for session times and locations or Contact Us for more details.