Caught in a Constant Struggle with your Weight?

New and Exciting Program

Healthy Focus on Me!

Designed for participants with 15+ kg to Donate!


Want to work on your health and fitness but intimidated by the whole gym thing?

Or maybe it’s outdoor training with drill sergeants and commando-type training better suited to Army Induction Training that puts you off?

Well, we’re not like that!
And we don’t train like that!

No Drill Sergeants
No Commandos
No Biggest Loser ‘Run you into the ground’ approaches.

Just Lots of Motivation
Heaps of Inspiration
Lots of Education
Some Perspiration (we won’t lie to you)
…. and Fun

This program is designed for people wanting to ‘Donate’ 15 or more kilograms back to the universe.

Our sessions get you moving again, building strength, improving your flexibility,
your health, confidence and motivation levels.


How Does it Work?

Sessions run once a month for 3 hours – YES! 3 hours!

Don’t worry, you won’t be huffing and puffing for the whole 3 hours.

You’ll be doing a mix of cardio and strength work, flexibility and balance training, core conditioning, boxing, stretching, tai chi and whatever other fun stuff we can come up with and we’ll give you some breaks during the session too.

We’ll also be having Guest Trainers and Guest Speakers sharing their areas of expertise with you and lots of bonuses too.

So if you’re already exercising, that’s great!

Why not add our new sessions into your existing program for an extra boost.

When Do we Start?

Our next session will be on Saturday, 8th February, 2014

8:30am to 11:30am

Henley Grange Memorial Oval, Atkins Street, Henley Beach.

Don’t miss out, places are limited for these amazing sessions.