If People Treated Sleeping Like Working Out

Often one of the most neglected aspects of being Healthy these days is getting 7-8 hours of good quality sleep every night.

It’s one of the most common conversations I have with clients and for many, one of the most challenging aspects of creating a Healthy Sustainable Lifestyle.

What’s the point of eating right and moving if you never give your body time to recover from the day’s activities? Without adequate sleep every night, you end up starting each day behind the eight-ball and over time, your level of energy and vitality diminishes to the point that dragging yourself out of bed every morning, stumbling half awake through the day and falling into bed exhausted each night is what you call ‘normal’.

And then of course thTiredere’s the effect upon your waistline. Without adequate rest, your body starts to store extra resources (energy) so that it can keep up with the relentless activities that you call life and you wonder why you’re not seeing a lot of improvement from your gym workouts.

Of more concern is many people wear their lack of sleep and ability to soldier on regardless as a badge of honour. Water cooler conversations abound with tales of late nights and early mornings in an attempt to gain bragging rights in a similar manner to the gym junkies talking about their tough workouts.

So as the year draws to a close and thoughts turn to taking some well-earned rest and relaxation, reflecting upon the year that was and the year to come, what if you started approaching your need for sleep with the same enthusiasm and importance as you approach your workouts?

Check out this short fun video and just imagine what would happen  If People Treated Sleeping Like Working Out?

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