Top Tips To Make It Through The Silly Season

Christmas/New Year, often referred to as the “Silly Season” but does it have to be?
You’ve worked hard all year towards your health and fitness goals and along comes the Festive Season with parties, lunches, social drinks, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and if you’re lucky enough, holidays. You want to celebrate the festive season with friends and colleagues and enjoy your well earned holiday but how do you ensure you don’t throw away all that hard work throughout the year?

So here are my Top Tips to make it through the Silly Season:

If you’re attending a party, lunch or dinner, or drinks after work, plan ahead…..
• If you have special dietary requirements or want to ensure there are healthy options available on the menu, call ahead and enquire about the menu and alternatives
• Eat a small snack or meal before you go to avoid getting really hungry and making poor food choices
• If you’re drinking alcohol, make at least every second drink a glass of water and plan in a couple of alcohol free days each week. In fact, even if you’re just drinking soft drink, make sure you have a glass of water between each fizzy drink too to keep your sugar intake down
• If you’re hosting a party, ensure there are healthy food and drink options for those health conscious guests

Christmas DayChristmas Dinner
Many of us have a tendency to over indulge during the holiday season. We sit back and relax and eat as much, or more, than usual. And often we eat a lot of the types of food we generally avoid throughout the year.
My recommendation is to use the “80/20” or “Everything in Moderation” rule now and throughout the year.
You don’t need to spend the festive season depriving yourself of all the goodies on offer
– you’ll probably end up over indulging later on.

The 80/20 Rule  – if you eat and drink well 80% of the time, you can indulge those delectable goodies 20% of the time.

How does it work? Ensure you choose a balance of healthy food and drink along with those special festive treats. It’s ok to indulge your sweet tooth and have a glass of bubbly – just remember to balance it with some healthier options like fruit and water throughout the day.
Being hungry often means you make poor food choices too. We often grab the quickest, easiest food and over eat when we’re hungry so if you’re not heading out for a Christmas breakfast, ensure you give yourself a great start to the day by having a normal wholesome breakfast so that you can make better food choices throughout the day.

On Holiday
While it’s great to just sit back and relax when you’re on holiday, you’ll probably be eating just as much, and probably more, than you usually do so it’s a good idea to keep up some exercise during your break.
If you don’t feel up to maintaining your usual exercise regime, look for some alternative options:

• Go for a walparents playing with kidsk along the beach or somewhere scenic, a casual bike ride or swim
• Take some time to play – look for opportunities to try different physical activities from the ones you normally choose
• If you’re planning to catch-up with friends, why not grab a coffee and head off to the park for a walk
• Have a picnic in the great outdoors and play some games with the kids
• If you’re more of a nocturnal exerciser, perhaps a walk in the cooler evening air or after dinner is more your style
• And on Christmas day, head off to the nearest park to walk off lunch or for playtime with the kids and their new toys.

Whilst Christmas only comes once a year, have you ever considered that you only get one body – for your lifetime?
So at Christmas and throughout the New Year period, follow my top tips to ensure you don’t throw away all that hard work throughout the year.

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