Stop Health Sabotage!
A 1 Day Workshop

Not Getting The Health Results You Want?
You Could Be Sabotaging Your Efforts Without Even Knowing It!

 Are you working your butt off with exercise but not getting anywhere?
Does keeping in shape seem harder and harder than it used to be?
Even when you sleep for 7-8 hours do you wake up tired?
Have you ever been on a diet or are you a yo-yo dieter?
Are you struggling to lose those last 5 or 10kg?
Do you need coffee to kick start your day?
Do you know how to be Healthy but don’t have the energy to do it
or just can’t seem to stick at it?

What if:

  • You could trust your cravings when it comes to food?checklist
  • You could maintain your ideal weight without starving yourself, counting points, weighing your food or exercising to the point of exhaustion?
  • You could wake up feeling energized and refreshed?
  • You could stop being held hostage by stress and emotions?
  • You could understand how pain is a message from your body about the challenges to your health? And know what to do about it?
  • You could create a personalized roadmap to better health that won’t take up hours and hours of extra time in your day?

Then Join Us
9am to 5pm
Saturday, 19th November, 2016
Upstairs, Bliss Organic Café, 7 Compton Street, Adelaide, SA

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